30 Years of Foothills Regional Victim Services

✨ 30 years of Victim Services ✨

On March 23, 1993, we were officially incorporated as High River and District Victim Services. Today is our 30th anniversary!

At the time, very few resources have been available to assist victims of crime and trauma. Individuals who have been victimized may not have, or do not wish to burden, friends or family, leaving no one else to turn to.

Due to increasing demands for victim support, High River Victim Services initially expanded in 1996 to include the Okotoks and Turner Valley RCMP detachments, before another expansion in 2005 to include the Nanton RCMP detachment. Foothills Regional Victim services currently offers support across the Foothills County area.

It is our belief that with early intervention and support, the impact of problems associated with crime and tragedy can be greatly reduced. We provide 24/7 on call assistance to victims requiring immediate crisis intervention, emotional support and practical assistance. Program staff and volunteers are asked to provide immediate help and support by RCMP members and by the staff of other community agencies, of whom we have formed bonds with because we are all local to the very community we reside in.

We are grateful to:

💚 the RCMP detachments of High River, Okotoks, Nanton, Turner/Diamond Valley
💙 our funders, the Victims of Crime Grant, past funders of AHS and the Alberta Law Foundation
💚 the FCSS locations and community supports within Foothills County
💙 our volunteers and staff who have always been an integral part of our program
💚 our Program Manager of nearly 18 years Kerri Wilkinson and her endless dedication to providing support not only to victims, but to all of us involved within our unit

As we face an uncertain future, we can look back with pride and honour knowing that we have and will continue to provide the unique support and information that victims of crime and trauma need.